When you open the door to a seemingly ordinary house, splayed out before you is a set of rainbow stairs. The walls are lined with Mylar foil, making the rainbow pattern painted on the stairs reflect back and forth like a hall of mirrors.

Chris Hughes assembled an overly complicated periscope, a system of mirrors that enables Alexa to see out of every window in the house simultaneously. 

This breakfast nook easily transforms into the most exclusive dance club in Los Angeles. Given the modest dimensions (roughly 1’10” x 6’3”), The Breakfast Club is strictly VIP.

Constructed the weekend after Nelson Mandela died, Alexa Meade and her friend Aza Raskin named the jellyfish room in her bathroom closet in the late icon’s honor, commemorating his lifetime achievements.

Reflections, refractions, diffractions, and color change magic!

It's like a museum for rainbows, ain't it?

Trap doors, secret passageways, buried treasure, and unexplained mysteries galore...oh, my!

Visitors to the Nelson Mandela Memorial are directed to exit through the gift shop. Or, rather, Ye Olde Gifte Shoppe.