AS OF 2017... 

After four colorful years of building the Funhouse House together, Chris Hughes and Alexa Meade have parted ways. Alexa still lives in the Funhouse House and is continuing onward in rainbowifying the space. 

BACK IN 2013...

Chris Hughes had an unrequited crush on Alexa Meade.  She told him flat out that nothing would ever happen. But, if he were willing to be just friends, he could help her with a home improvement project: Alexa wished to see out of every window in the house simultaneously, including those that zigged and zagged around corners, from the comfort of her canopy bed. Chris built for her an overly elaborate system of mirrors mounted on hinges in strategic spots around her apartment, to act as a giant periscope. Alexa was delighted at having double the “windows” in her home, but was still not interested in the man. 

Chris found any excuse he could to linger longer, and in the process convinced her of ever more ways he could assist around the house — rewiring the electrical, sanding the countertops, repairing the shower, and even carrying a stove up a flight of stairs. 

Finally, when it appeared there was no handyman rock left unturned, Chris started dreaming up outlandish ideas for home “improvement” projects. Alexa, impressed by his imaginative solutions to nonexistent problems, was curious to see where he could take them, so she entertained his bizarre yet inspired proposals. 

After four months of Chris tirelessly laboring over a home he didn’t even live in, Alexa finally decided to give him a chance. They fell madly in love with each other — and the Funhouse House.

With Chris Hughes’ vision, Alexa Meade’s white-walled home transformed into a wacky world they would one day dub the Funhouse House. Chris built this world of magic for them to play, live and love in.