No one’s before encountered a bathroom closet akin to this! Constructed the weekend after Nelson Mandela died, Alexa Meade and her friend Aza Raskin named the space in the late icon’s honor, commemorating his lifetime achievements.

From the ceiling dangle tendrils of neon spandex, making it more a fluorescent jellyfish room than anything else. Taking the illusion further still, diffraction glasses make a million little rainbows. Even at just 10’ x 6’, one’s sense of space and scale changes, thanks to the trippy eyewear. For some, they can sense the colors and lights touching them, a form of synesthesia. And some will also crawl on the floor and roll around, or wiggle limbs. But, when Chris and Alexa host an overnight lodger, this crazy closet does double as a guest bedroom, with a queen size mattress folding down from the wall.