Behold the planet’s tiniest disco. This breakfast nook easily transforms into the hottest dance club in Los Angeles. The chairs fold up, the table folds down and the curtains close, designating the area as strictly VIP. Prepare to be wowed by a full self-service liquor cabinet (in rainbow order), champagne bottle service, cup holders built into the wall, wrist bands, bouncer (generally the tallest person in the room), color-changing LEDs, flashing lights, fog machine, laser maker and giant speakers mounted at ear level blasting only the local NPR affiliate KCRW 89.9. Given the modest dimensions (1 foot and 10 inches x 6 feet and 3 inches), the space can accommodate about 5–9 people, depending how snug revelers are willing to squeeze.

beyond the disco

The GuestBook

This section of the house transforms the ordinary guest book into a graffiti affair. Instead of taking pen to paper, guests document their height on one wall, using Sharpie to tag and date said measurement. These are highly unscientific measurements: Wearing high heels, donning a hat or jumping on a friend’s back are all acceptable height enhancers.